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Sun. June 26, 2022
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The Chinese Dilemma
Author discusses China pursuit of vertical nuclear proliferation. By Mehmut Gunduz. (12/12/2006) Read More...

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A World Free of Nuclear Weapons
This distinguished group of authors argues that the process of denuclearization must first start with current nuclear states destroying their stockpiles. Only such measures can prevent the mutually a... Read More...

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A Border Security Strategy for Bush and Calderón: Improve Cooperation Between the U.S. and Mexico
To reduce the problem of illegal immigration across the US-Mexico border, the two countries should move beyond the Secure Fence Act and move towards a strategy of cooperation. By Stephen Johnson (Heri... Read More...

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Shimon Peres Conference at Sciences-Po Paris
Report on Shimon Peres' event at Science-Po Paris. By Youri Tessier-Stall. (IA-Forum, 12/14/2006) Read More...

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India and the United States: A New Era
The author discusses how the new US-Indian cooperation on nuclear technology enables the US to push for progress on the Kashmir issue. By Bruce Riedel. (Brookings Institution, 12/18/2006) Read More...

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Intenational Affairs Forum Interview: Peter Beinart and Scott McConnell
Peter Beinart, editor-at-large of the New Republic and Scott McConnell, current editor of The American Conservative, discuss questions about the UN and US foreign policy. By Jason Miks. (IA-Forum, 1... Read More...

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Prudence and Realism in Japan’s Nuclear Options
The author discusses the possible Japanese decision to acquire nuclear weapons as a response to the threat from North Korea. The author also explores the potential affects of this choice on domestic,... Read More...

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What Osama Wants
The author writes that total US withdrawal from Iraq would give Al Qaeda what it wants: control of Sunni-dominated Iraq and a base to launch operations elsewhere in the world. By Peter Bergen. (New Yo... Read More...

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Britain now No 1 al-Qaida target - anti-terror chiefs
Britain has become the main target for a resurgent al-Qaida, which has successfully regrouped and now presents a greater threat than ever before, according to counter-terrorist officials. They have re... Read More...

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Can You Tell a Sunni From a Shiite?
The author writes that many lawmakers and senior intelligence and law enforcement officials overseeing the War on Terror do not know the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims, the primary religiou... Read More...

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The Unsolved Case Of Anthrax
The author, the victim of an Anthrax letter attack in 2001, admonishes the FBI for not adequately investigating this case with as much importance as it deserves. By Tom Daschle. (Washington Post, 10/1... Read More...

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Pyongyang’s Nuclear Ambitions: China Must Act as a “Responsible Stakeholder”
The author explains how the recent nuclear test by North Korea compromises Chinese interests and suggests how China should respond. By Jing Huang. (Brookings Institution, 10/13/2006) Read More...

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The Economic Implications of a North Korean Nuclear Test
How a nuclear test by North Korea might alter the economies of China, Japan, North Korea and South Korea. By Marcus Noland (Institute for International Economics, 07/2006) Read More...

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Hezbollah’s Global Reach
The author discusses the potential threats that Hezbollah poses to the US in the Middle East and globally. Additionally, the author suggests how the US should respond. By Christopher Hamilton. (Was... Read More...

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Nuclear Test Calls for Active Intolerance of North Korean Regime
The author discusses the implications of the recent North Korean nuclear testing and suggests how the US, China, and international community should respond. By Michael A. Needham. (Heritage Foundati... Read More...

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International Affairs Forum Interview: Admiral Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret.)
IA Forum speaks with Admiral Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret.), the Lyndon B. Johnson Centennial Chair in National Policy at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, former Director of the National Security Agency ... Read More...

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The Cold Wars are coming
An increase in the number of nuclear armed states may lead to multiple regional cold wars with the ability to cause greater destruction than the first Cold War. By Niall Ferguson, (Los Angles Times, ... Read More...

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More Leaks, Please
The media's summary of the National Intelligence Estimate's report on "Trends in Global Terrorism" is "impressionist and imprecise," the columnist laments. By Robert Kagan. (Washington Post, 9/26/2006... Read More...

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The Trials of the Century
The author writes that five years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Osama bin Laden has arguably lost his appeal as the leader of Al Qaeda and a US target. By Lawrence Wright. (New Yo... Read More...

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Defeat Terror With Trade
The United States can burnish its credentials as "exemplar of freedom" in the world by explaining that economic freedom as exemplified by free trade is the first, possibly best "weapon" against terror... Read More...

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The Apocalypse Will Be Blogged
The authors write that while Islamic tradition does not celebrate anniversaries, several Islamist web sites and others affiliated with Al Qaeda commemorated the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks a... Read More...

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Terrorism’s Grand Tour
The Op-Ed page notes that while the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, are foremost in Americans’ minds, terrorists have struck in several cities elsewhere around the world. (New York Times, 9/1... Read More...

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10 Ways to Avoid the Next 9/11
Ten professionals with experience in security and counter-terrorism talk about how to prevent future terrorist attacks in America. (New York Times, 9/10/2006) Read More...

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Yes, We Are Better Prepared
Negroponte discusses how the US intelligence community has made progress in its gathering and analysis of the intelligence needed to prevent another surprise attack like 9/11. By John Negroponte. (Was... Read More...

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Three Steps to Improve Counterterrorism Cooperation with Pakistan
The author explains how US policy towards Pakistan should be directed so that the war on terrorism can be fought more effectively. By Lisa Curtis. (Heritage Foundation, 8/18/2006) Read More...

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The Toll of Small Arms
The authors note that the global trade in light arms has undermined United Nations peacekeeping operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and fueled violence elsewhere in the world. By Mvemba Phe... Read More...

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Britain After Sept. 11: Security versus Civil Liberties
In the five years since the Sept.11, 2001 terror attacks on the US, Britain has itself become both a victim of terror and the legislation brought in to secure it from further attacks. By Nick Aimes (D... Read More...

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Search and Defend
The author writes that behavioral profiling of airline passengers would not lead to better security, as terrorists could easily be taught to defeat poorly-trained screeners at the nation's airports. B... Read More...

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Keep Pakistan on Our Side
President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan chose to stand with America against terrorism and has taken tremendous steps to fight Islamic extremists, including the roots of the problem. By Richard L. Armit... Read More...

PDF document
International Affairs Forum Interview: Brad Glosserman
IA-Forum speaks with Mr. Brad Glosserman about Asian issues including North Korea. Mr. Glosserman is executive director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies' Pacific Forum in Honolul... Read More...

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