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Sat. November 26, 2022
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The Dollar Dilemma:  The World's Top Currency Faces Competition
The Dollar Dilemma: The World's Top Currency Faces Competition
A changing global economy and recent financial crisis will likely challenge the dollar's primacy as a reserve currency. This shift toward multipolarity, however, will likely be gradual. Read More...

A Harsh Climate for Trade: How Climate Change Proposals Threaten Global Commerce
A Harsh Climate for Trade: How Climate Change Proposals Threaten Global Commerce
Formation of US trade barriers with India and China to curb energy-intensive production in in areas with weak emissions controls may do more economic harm than environmental good. by Sallie James (Cat... Read More...

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The Financial Crisis One Year After
The crisis can yet be an opportunity to turn from a path of financial bubbles and excessive consumption to a path of sustainable development. By Jeffrey Sachs (Project Syndicate, 09/01/2009). Read More...

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Back to Global Imbalances?
The crisis has brought an appreciation of the dollar and record-high U.S. government bond prices. Will the recovery from the crisis entail a return to the old order? (World Bank, 07/13/2009) Read More...

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Russia Sparks Energy Paranoia
The current paranoia over Russian expansion threatens to turn into outright hysteria as news emerges that a Russian company has acquired one-fifth of a Hungarian refinery. (By: Jeremy Druker, ISN 4/3/... Read More...

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The Dragon in the Backyard
Article detailing Latin America's shift in economic relations toward China, Iran and the Global South and away from the United States. (The Economist, 8/13/2009) Read More...

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Brazil on the International Stage
Article detailing the rise of Brazil within the global power system and its changing relations with the U.S. By Stephanie Hanson. (Council on Foreign Relations, 7/21/2009) Read More...

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The Nabucco Natural Gas Pipeline: From Opera to Reality
The Nabucco pipeline is slowly moving closer to completion. Bülent Aras & Emre Iseri analyze the importance of this East-West artery for European gas supplies and the Turkish economy. (SETA Foundation... Read More...

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Germany’s Recession vs. America’s: Doing Worse, but Feeling Better
The global recession that started in the United States is hitting Germany particularly hard as their economy is expected to shrink by 8%. The American economy is expected to shrink by only half that m... Read More...

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Foreign Investors Snap Up African Farmland
Governments and investment funds are buying up farmland in Africa and Asia to grow food -- a profitable business. The high-stakes game of real-life Monopoly is leading to a modern colonialism to which... Read More...

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The Global Economic Crisis: How Much is the Persian Gulf Worth Now?
Despite projections in late 2008 that the Persian Gulf states had the cash and the incentive to cushion the regional impact of the financial crisis, evidence is mounting that the region is far from be... Read More...

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The Gulf Cooperation Council: A New Global Force?
Mohsin S. Khan discusses the GCC, assessing the Persian Gulf countries’ prospects for a monetary union and a repository of dollar reserves generated by oil. (PDF format, Peterson Institute for Interna... Read More...

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China Needs to Invest in Itself
China should reexamine how it uses its reserves and should increase domestic spending, writes Robert Tenorio (Asia Chronicle, 07/23/2009) Read More...

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The Centre for International Governance Innovation: Afghanistan: Looking Forward
Though the situation in Afghanistan is grave, it is far from hopeless. In an attempt to find a way forward, author Ronald E. Neumann analyzes the specific issues which must be addressed for the Afghan... Read More...

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U.N. Development Expert Pedro Conceição Answers Your Questions
The interview with the director of Office of Development Studies at the United Nations Development Program discusses how the global economic downturn has affected the poorest countries. By Catherine ... Read More...

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Chinese Foreign Investment: Insist on Transparency
China is the largest foreign holder of U.S. public debt. In just the last few years, China has invested roughly $100 billion in Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere. By Derek Scissors (Heritage Fou... Read More...

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Can China Keep Growing?
Discusses how China has reacted to the global financial crisis, how it fits into the global economy and if it will allow China to continue growing. Read More...

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African Opportunities, Global Benefits
The global economic recession has translated into a development crisis for Africa, writes Kofi A. Annan. (Project Syndicate, 07/13/2009) Read More...

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Rising temperatures: The Potential Impact on Growth in Poorer Countries
This article analyzes the empirical evidence that rising temperatures are negatively correlated with economic growth in poorer countries. By Melissa Dell, Benjamin Jones, and Benjamin Olken (Internat... Read More...

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U.S.-China Relations: The Case for Economic Liberalism
Patience and reasonable expectations on the part of the US are important to maintaining healthy political relations and ensure the best outcome economically for both nations. By James A. Dorn (CATO In... Read More...

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Ghana's Chance
This article discusses the challenges and opportunities for growth in Ghana's economy as it attempts to be one of Africa's few success stories. By Peter Henry (International Growth Centre 6/18/2009) Read More...

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China's Stock Market: A Marriage of Capitalism and Socialism.
An investigation of the growth of China's stock market despite a number of institutions commonly considered to adversely affect market growth. (Cato Institute, Fall 2006) Read More...

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G8 Africa Action Plan
The G8 discusses issues regarding African development such as intra-African trade, increasing access to financing, reducing capital flight, and the role of China. Mwangi S. Kimenyi (The Brookings Inst... Read More...

The Pope on 'Love in Truth'
The Pope on 'Love in Truth'
The Pope’s third encyclical, Caritas in Veritate is concerned with morality, not shoring up anyone’s political agenda. By Fr. Robert A. Sirico (Wall Street Journal, 07/10/2009) Read More...

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Vaticanomics: The Holy Father Tackles Globalization
Pope Benedict's Encyclical Letter is full of critical comments about commerce, the profit motive, banks and businesses. Yet for all its left-wing rhetoric on economic matters, the underlying assumptio... Read More...

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IMF Says World Economy Stabilizing
The IMF issues an encouraging, yet cautious, prediction for the global economic recovery. Although praising the macroeconomic and stimulus efforts, the Fund maintains that the financial sector is not ... Read More...

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Individual Liberty, Free Markets, and Peace: Reflections on Turkey's Economy
Hanke explains how recent economic and financial improvements aren't enough in Turkey. In order for Turkey to reach its full potential as a modern and competitive state, a new set of liberal economic... Read More...

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The Microeconomic Foundations of Macroeconomic Disorder
Author presents Austrian Prespective on the Great Recession of 2008. By Steven Horwitz (George Mason University, June 2009) Read More...

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In Search of the Exit
As attention turns to how to unwind emergency measures, much depends on how the American and Euro zone recoveries develop. By Ralph Atkins and Krishna Guha (Financial Times, 06/28/2009) Read More...

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North Korea's Other Crisis: An Economy in Tatters
An article detailing the economic crisis in North Korea, which is a result of further economic centralization of the economy, during what appears to be a wave of retrograde policies. (Time, 06/30/200... Read More...

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