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Fri. December 09, 2022
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External Article
US Trouser Quota Against WTO Principles
Discusses China's feelings after learning about the United States' new textile quotas. China warns of its repercussions. By Dai Yan (ChinaDaily.com, 10/31/04) Read More...

External Article
HIPC -Ghana`s
Discusses how the economy of Ghana has changed since the last election, and whether or not the changes will last. By James Doe (Ghanaweb.com 10/31/04) Read More...

External Article
China Opposes to US Imports Limits on Cotton Trousers, Official
Discusses the recent US decision to limit the amount of cotton trousers from China available in the US. Chinese officials state that this is the first step of the US plan to sabotage their trade relat... Read More...

External Article
Access to Medicines: Commission Proposes to Allow Export of Generic Medicines to Poor Countries
Discusses the European Commission's proposal to the WTO to allow the exportation of generic medicines to those who need it. (PharmaLive.com, 10/29/04) Read More...

External Article
Technology Key To More Oil Supplies In The Future
Owing to the current turmoil in oil markets, a number of analysts have raised the specter of the world soon running out of oil. While there are concerns of seeming inadequate levels of investment to m... Read More...

External Article
WTO, WB, IMF Strengthen Cooperation
Article discusses the potential cooperation between the WTO, World Bank, and IMF. (People's Daily Online, 10.23.04) Read More...

External Article
G20 Gearing Up for Continued WTO Talks
Gustavo Capdevela discusses how the Group of 20 (G20), a voice for the developing South in multilateral trade negotiations, plans to expand its focus beyond the agricultural sector and seek closer tie... Read More...

External Article
EU to Appeal WTO Sugar Ruling
Discusses how the EU plans to appeal against a ruling that its sugar subsidies breach world trade rules. (BBC News, 10/15/04) Read More...

External Article
China's Growth Blesses the World
Article discusses the reasons behind China's recent economic growth. Includes the discussion of foreign direct investment, governmental controls, and the available workforce. Also analyzes the impact ... Read More...

External Article
Rich Nations Hampering WTO Deals
How powerful is the WTO becoming? Of this power how much is in the hands of the developed nations? Article discusses the negative opinion the Gulf states have of the WTO. (Gulf Daily News, 10.21.04) Read More...

External Article
Iran's Unemployment Crisis
Stubborn, double-digit, unemployment is currently the Islamic Republic’s most acute single economic concern. The challenge is formidable not only because of unemployment’s debilitating impact on the e... Read More...

External Article
Novatek: A Gas Giant You've Never Heard Of
Novatek: An emerging Russian gas company seeks to sell shares to a French firm. Its rapid growth challenges the hegemony of Gazprom, the world's biggest gas producer. World wide gas prices may subse... Read More...

External Article
US Capitalism Recreates Europe's Mistakes
Author writes that some of the greatest long-term damage done by the Bush administration to the unity of the west has come from US domestic policies. By Anatol Lieven. (Financial Times, 9/15/2004) Read More...

External Article
What GATS Means for a Global Career
Discusses the main principles of GATS (General Agreement on Trade and Services) and why India desires decreased limitations on trade and services. (The Economic Times, 10/11/04) Read More...

External Article
IMF sees Global Economy Vulnerable for Years
Discusses the future of the global economy, and the effect rising oil prices will have on the world. (Daily Times, 10/9/04) Read More...

External Article
Expel IMF/World Bank from SA
Discusses the effect of the IMF and World Bank on South Africa. South Africans have started protests against their involvement in South Africa, and the need for the IMF/World Bank to be expelled. By B... Read More...

External Article
EU Leaders Pledge Support for Viet Nam’s WTO Bid
Vietnam might possibly become the newest member of the WTO. Article discusses EU's support for Vietnam's acceptance into the WTO. (Vietnam News 10/11/04) Read More...

External Article
Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow
Bill Jamieson writes on the effect of oil and the global economy. What needs to be done in order to make sure the economy runs smoothly? (Scotland on Sunday 10/10/04) Read More...

External Article
Approaching Circular Economy
The author believes a circular economy is a powerful and timely concept for China as it tries to establish a moderately prosperous standard of living. He also thinks the most valuable contribution thi... Read More...

External Article
Iraq's Odious Debts
Most debts created by Saddam Hussein in the name of the Iraqi people would qualify as "odious" according to the international Doctrine of Odious Debts. This legal doctrine holds that debts not used in... Read More...

External Article
Monetary Options for Postwar Iraq
The Coalition Provisional Authority has failed to anticipate the challenges that face the postwar Iraqi economy, including the introduction of sound money to facilitate exchange. By Steve H. Hanke an... Read More...

External Article
To Hasten Iraq Democracy, Put Wells in People's Hands
Argues that economic interdependence promotes peace and should be encouraged in Iraq. By Ronald D. Rotunda. (Cato Institute, 5/14/2004) Read More...

External Article
The Best Way to Grow Future Democracies
Encourages global trade and investment to develop democracies. By Daniel T. Griswold. (Cato Institute, 2/15/2004) Read More...

PDF document
Iraq's Botched Currency Reform
Prescriptions by official sector institutions for Iraq ignore political realities and their own findings argue Steve Hanke and Matt Sekerke. (Central Banking Journal, 2/1/2004) Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: Prof. Dorothee Heisenberg
Prof. Dorothy Heisenberg (John Hopkins University) discusses the privacy policy Safe Harbor. (IA-Forum, 9/17/2004) Read More...

External Article
Crisis Looms Due to Weak Dollar
The author addresses the increasing concern over the possibility of a new US dollar crisis. By Jiang Ruiping. (People's Daily, 9/28/2004) Read More...

External Article
World Bank's Wolfensohn Takes Aim at World Leaders' Pledges
Are the leaders of the world really doing enough to help the developing nations? Article discusses Wolfensohn's take on this issue, and what he thinks needs to be done. (Written by Judith Ziegler (Blo... Read More...

External Article
IMF, G-7 Seek `Bold' Changes to Protect World Economic Growth Amid Threats
Discusses the IMF, World Bank, and G-7's fear that the global economy will continue to worsen unless key issues are addressed. Written by Julie Ziegler (Bloomberg, 10/3/04) Read More...

External Article
What the IMF Boss Needs to Do
Robert Chote discusses what he feels the IMF needs to change in order to successfully help those who need it. He also discusses the factors that prevent this from happening. (BBC News, 10/1/04) Read More...

External Article
IMF: Growth is strong, but for how long?
Stephen Evans writes about IMF's prediction that the world economy will grow by five percent. Also discusses the role the US deficit will play in this growth. Read More...

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