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IA-Forum Interview: David A. Hollingsworth
IA-Forum Interview: David A. Hollingsworth
IA-Forum speaks with David A. Hollingsworth about the Asian financial crisis and his book, The Rise, The Fall, and The Recovery of Southeast Asia's Minidragons. (01/10/2010) Read More...

Special Report Preview, Climate Change:  Dr. Arvind Panagariya
Special Report Preview, Climate Change: Dr. Arvind Panagariya
In a preview of our upcoming special report, Dr. Arvind Panagariya discusses COP15 and balancing India's policies on climate change and economic growth. By M. Patel. (12/14/2009) Read More...

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Addicted to Contractors
The United States is hooked on privatized warfare in Afghanistan. And it's more costly than you think. Read More...

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Cap and Fade
President Obama is planning to announce the employment of cap-and-trade policy as a centerpiece of America's contribution to curb emissions. The plan, however, merely allows polluters and Wall Street... Read More...

IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Kamal El Kheshen
IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Kamal El Kheshen
Dr. Kamal El Kheshen, Vice President of the African Development Bank discussses the trade-off between climate change policies and economic growth policies in Africa. By M. Patel. (12/10/2009) Read More...

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Unhelpful Hansen
Paul Krugman examines climatologist James Hansen's inability to link climate policy with economic policy. By Paul Krugman. (The New York Times, 12/07/2009) Read More...

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Goodbye, Dubai?
Now that the boom has gone bust, both in Dubai and in the United States, Dubai is stuck with a glut of real estate that no one wants to buy or rent. Creditors and markets had always assumed that when... Read More...

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A challenge and an opportunity in Copenhagen
In light of the UN's Copenhagen Climate Conference which began Monday, Israel is presented with the opportunity to join the likes of Western nations in creating a framework for climate change mitigati... Read More...

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Ten Reasons for Farmers to Support Action Against Global Warming
Farmers can benefit economically and be at the cutting edge of energy development while having their resources employed correctly. By Jake Caldwell. (The Center for American Progress, 12/02/2009) Read More...

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Gorbachev and the End of the Cold War
The Soviet establish made a mistake to discount the role of economic power and soft power in its policies. Read More...

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3 Questions: Jeffrey Harris on why we still don't have an HIV vaccine
What are the current roadblocks to an HIV Vaccine being made on a widescale basis? By Peter Dizikes. (MIT News) Read More...

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‘Chimerica’ is Headed for Divorce
Can China successfully step outside the boundaries of its co-dependency with America? By Niall Ferguson. (Newsweek, 08/15/2009) Read More...

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The U.S.-China Economic Relationship: Separating Facts from Myths
Re-examining typical assumptions of this bi-lateral relationship.

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Interview with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh discusses Afghanistan, Pakistan and other issues facing India. (Washington Post, 11/22/2009) Read More...

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Manmohan Singh Visits Washington: Sustaining U.S.–Indian Cooperation Amid Differences
Brief on Indo-US relations in the context of Indian Prime Minister Singh's visit. By Ashley Tellis. (Brookings Institution, November 2009) Read More...

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Risks to Global Trade: Implications for South Africa’s Economy
This policy brief offers an overview of key economic risk factors of global trade (high oil prices, climate change, and global monetary imbalances) and the implications for South Africa's economy. It... Read More...

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Equals at Last, for Better or for Worse
While no breakthroughs came out of the Barack Obama-Hu Jintao summit meeting, the U.S. president’s maiden trip to China will go down in history as a pivotal event in the relations between the two most... Read More...

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'Strategic reassurance' that isn't
For an administration that has announced "we are back" after years of alleged Bush administration neglect in Russia and Asia, this is not a positive beginning. By Robert Kagan and Dan Blumenthal. (Th... Read More...

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The Yuan Underrated, China Overrated
America is driven by innovation. China, running like a madman, still lags far behind on this issue and relies more heavily on industry and agriculture. China needs to change, in order to let its peop... Read More...

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A post-oil world gets less sci-fi by the day
Dwindling supplies and no plan B – are we heading for Mad Max scenario? By Ashley Seager. (The Guardian, 10/26/2009) Read More...

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Can Potential Incentives in Climate Bill Spur U.S. Nuclear Industry?
The political and fiscal realities of getting back on the road to being a nuclear energy leader by 2030 are discussed. By Kathrine Ling (The New York Times, 10/27/2009) Read More...

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China Praised for African Links
Rwandan President praises the way Africa does business in Africa as a way of promoting infrastructure, capital inflows, and development, as opposed to U.S. foreign aid. (BBC News October 11, 2009) Read More...

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Our Low-Carbon Future
We should learn from the financial crisis that if risks are ignored, the eventual consequences are inevitably worse. By Nicholas Stern (Project Syndicate, 10/15/2009) Read More...

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Afghanistan in the Opinion Pages
An opinion piece concerning the validity of the recent election of Hamid Karzai which combines various quotes from American diplomat Peter Galbraith and former advisor to General David Petraeus, David... Read More...

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Macedonia: Challenges ahead
Author discusses issues facing the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. By Zhidas Daskalovski. (IA-Forum, 10/01/2009) Read More...

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Rich bullies, we need you
Paul Collier argues that the recent empowerment of the G20 disguises the ongoing dominance of the G5 in global governance. (The Guardian, 09/25/09) Read More...

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African Economies in the Global Crisis
Romesh Vaitilingam, of the International Growth Centre, interviews Professor Njuguna Ndung’u, the Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, about how African development should proceed amidst a global ec... Read More...

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IMF Vows to Have Say on Currencies
The IMF commits to playing a more active role in the currencies as it relates to global economic growth (09-28-2009 by Krishna Guha). Read More...

Beyond the Bernard Madoff Swindle
Beyond the Bernard Madoff Swindle

Author provides commentary and analysis on the cultural and policital dimensions of the Madoff scandal. By David A. Hollingsworth. (08/11/2009)


External Article
Economic Vandalism
The Economist criticizes the Obama's administration for its recent tariff implementation on Chinese tires. According to the article, it is not only bad economics and anti-free trade, but has the liab... Read More...

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