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Thu. August 22, 2019
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Effectiveness of International Economic Blockades
Paper that discusses the external characteristics of international economic blockades. By Ghada Mohamed and Gamal Atallah. (5/25/2005) Read More...

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Attention: Deficit Disorder
The author writes that while the US economy faces many challenges at the moment, most pressing is the need to solve fiscal imbalances. By Robert E. Rubin. (New York Times, 5/13/2005 Read More...

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RMB is Not Cause of US Trade Deficit
The author debates the attack of US senators on Chinese currency valuation as the cause of the Sino-US trade deficit. By Chen Jinde. (China Daily, 4/30/2005) Read More...

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When the Dollar Bill Comes Due
The authors note that while the dollar has lost 25 percent of its value over the last two years, the price of imports other than oil has not changed much and America's appetite for imports continues t... Read More...

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The Economic Impact of Trade Embargoes on a Developing Economy
Analyzes the economic effects of a trade embargo on a developing economy. By Ghada Gomaa A. Mohamed. (4/25/2005) Read More...

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Ecuador President Gutierrez Ousted by Congress
Ecuadorean President Lucio Gutierrez was ousted by Congress on Wednesday after thousands of demonstrators demanded the former army colonel quit for meddling with the nation's top court Wednesday, Apr... Read More...

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A Pipeline to Peace
The authors write that a planned natural gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan and India with be both an economic and security boon to the region, creating jobs in Pakistan, increasing economic growth in... Read More...

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Bush Disarms, Unilaterally
Author criticizes the Bush Administration for failing to pay proper attention to US economic competitiveness, at a time when foreign powers such as China and India are participating in global commerce... Read More...

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'Made in China' Labels Benefit Many Parties
Commenting on the friction between Chinese and US textile manufacturers over the recent removal of global textile quotas, the writer urges US policymakers to consider the interests of all affected par... Read More...

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Plan Ponders Most Pressing Issues
The writer supports a planned economy even as China shifts towards a market economy. (China Daily, 4/6/2005) Read More...

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Dear EU: What price hypocrisy?
The writer heavily criticizes the EU for considering the repeal of the arms ban against China while snubbing Taiwan's leaders. (Christopher Lingle, 04/07/05, Taipei Times) Read More...

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Chirac still on China's side over arms sales
In a conversation with Chinese President Hu Jintao, the French President says that Paris will continue supporting the lifting of the EU arms ban over China, despite hefty opposition against the move. ... Read More...

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Bank probe reaches Russian mogul
Russian-Jewish media mogul Vladimir Gusinsky has been questioned by Israeli police as part of a probe into money laundering allegations. BBC News 4 April 2005. Read More...

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Yushchenko's warm US welcome
Washington has rolled out the red carpet for Viktor Yushchenko. Few leaders are received with such warmth or given such high level access. By Jonathan Beale (BBC News 4 Apr 05) Read More...

External Article
Hands Across North America
The authors write that Canada, the United States, and Mexico need to deepen their ties by developing an economic framework similar to the European Union. By Rafael Fernandez de Castro and Rossana Fuen... Read More...

External Article
Can Debtors be Choosers?
The Implications of Argentina’s Struggle with IMF Debt for Highly Indebted Poor Countries Daniel Marx McCarthy, (Silver City, NM & Washington, DC: Foreign Policy In Focus, February 2005). Read More...

External Article
Clueless on the World Bank
The US seems poised to appoint a leader of the World Bank as inept as the one it chose in 1986. By Sebastian Mallaby. (Washington Post, 3/7/2005) Read More...

External Article
Making Globalization Work
Economic globalization is proving a success, says the author. Trade has raised the income of poor countries, and even September 11 couldn't stop globalization's march forward. By Sebastian Mallaby. (W... Read More...

External Article
Oil Market Outlook 2004-08: Oil Market Fundamentals Versus Geopolitical Developments
Text of an address delivered by Herman Franssen to the ”Iraq’s Oil and the World Market” conference sponsored by the Centre for Global Energy Studies (CGES) in Bagshot, Surrey, UK on 4-5 December, 200... Read More...

External Article
A smaller population? There are benefits.
You can see the hand-wringing from Berlin to Boston, Toronto to Tokyo: Low birthrates and aging populations spell disaster for rich nations. It may be true that aging slows down an economy. But not ne... Read More...

External Article
US, EU on Collision Course Over China
Two senior members of the United States Congress warned the European Union this week that the lifting of the 15-year arms embargo on China could result in a halt of US sales in military technology to ... Read More...

External Article
Beware of China's encirclement
The writer warns Taiwan that an amphibious assault is not all they have to fear from China, which is swiftly encircling Taiwan with its successes in the economic and cultural arenas. (Chong-pin Lin, T... Read More...

External Article
Rushford Report
Journal featuring international-trade politics and the connections between trade, national security, and foreign policy. Read More...

External Article
Says the right thing, Clinton
This editorial discusses not only the former President's recent visit to Taiwan, but the effects his cabinet's Taiwan-related actions has had on the current Taiwan Strait situation. (Taipei Times, 2/2... Read More...

External Article
Soft Power, Hard Choices
Will China's growing economic prosperity translate into a growing military threat? (Melinda Liu and John Barry, Newsweek, 2/28/05) Read More...

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Taiwan poised to welcome Chinese banks for the first time
For the first time in 55 years, Taiwan is set to allow Chinese banks to set up offices there; seven of Taiwan's banks are already represented in China. (Bloomberg, Taipei Times, 2/25/05) Read More...

External Article
IA Forum Q&A on Germany: Dr. Leon Hadar
IA-Forum's second Q&A roundtable session on Germany with Dr. Leon Hadar, Research Fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Cato Institute and the author of the forthcoming "Sandstorm: Policy Failure i... Read More...

PDF document
The World Monetary System and External Relations of the EMU – Fasten your safety belts!
This article tries to point out some concrete areas of diversity of interest in the international consequences of the introduction of the Euro and analyzes the costs and gains from cooperation in diff... Read More...

External Article
Europe: Ready to Take on the Transatlantic Partnership?
Richard C. Longworth reflects on the significance of the recent visit of US President George W. Bush to Europe and argues that the EU must now take on the leadership role in the transatlantic partners... Read More...

External Article
Israel and Europe - Options for future relations
H.E. Dr. Oded Eran, Israel’s Ambassador to the EU makes a plea for “membership minus”, which would involve closer cooperation between Israel and the EU in the field of research, security, and possible... Read More...

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