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Citibank reveals a Russian oligarch's secret
US based Citibank masters the art of Russian business by securing $800 million loan to Russian oligarchs. By John Helmer. (Asia Times, 03/06/04) Read More...

External Article
Trends and Prospects of Transatlantic Economic Relations
Paper adresses the trends and prospects of transatlantic economic relations to determine whether there is a tendency towards increased divergence , or whether transatlantic economic ties can be relied... Read More...

External Article
Gaining The Iraqis' Toleration
Argues that the United States will not secure Iraqi support unless it puts public security at the center of its military strategy. By James Dobbins and Philip H. Gordon. (Washington Post, 5/28/2004) Read More...

External Article
Our Soldiers and Us
Analyzes military society and its reflection on society. By Eliot A. Cohen. (Washington Post, 5/25/2004) Read More...

External Article
Crush the Insurgents in Iraq
What George W. Bush can learn from Lincoln and Sherman. By William Kristol & Lewis E. Lehrman.(Weekly Standard, 5/23/2004). Read More...

External Article
The U.S. War on Iraq
Focus brief on Iraq conflict. (Le Monde Diplomatique)

External Article
A Foreign Policy, Falling Apart
Analysis and critique of U.S. foreign policy regarding Iraq. By Robert G. Kaiser. (Washington Post, 5/23/2004) Read More...

External Article
CORPORATE MERCENARIES Part 1: Profit comes with a price
Discusses private military companies (PMCs) in Iraq. By David Isenberg. (Asia Times, 5/19/2004) Read More...

External Article
CORPORATE MERCENARIES Part 2: Myths and mystery
Second part of article discussing private military companies (PMCs) in Iraq. By David Isenberg. (Asia Times, 5/20/2004) Read More...

PDF document
Germany and the United States After Iraq: From Alliance to Alignment
Author describes the deeper currents of change in the German-American relationship that go beyond the current leadership dynamics. By Stephen F. Szabo. (International Politics and Society, 1/2004) Read More...

External Article
Balancing America: Europe's International Duties
Article explains explains the current U.S. foreign-policy in terms of a profound transformation in the balance of power since 1990. It concludes that Europe is not in a position to form a counterweigh... Read More...

External Article
Turning Points
Will the modern era come undone in Iraq? By Robin Wright. (Washington Post, 5/16/2004) Read More...

External Article
How the U.S. Can Get Out
Offers alternate suggestions for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. By Yossi Alpher. (Washington Post, 5/15/2004) Read More...

External Article
Rumsfeld's actions speak louder
Offers suggestions to prevent another Abu Ghraib. By Kerry Kennedy Cuomo and Michael Posner. (Boston Globe, 5/15/2004) Read More...

External Article
Covering up the coverup
Alan Dershowitz writes that the roots of the Abu Ghraib issue lies in the White House. (Boston Globe, 5/15/2004) Read More...

PDF document
Drifting Apart or Growing Together? The Primacy of the Transatlantic Economy
Study looks at the fundamentals of the transatlantic community and argues that the Europe and America can't afford a break in the alliance due to the intense transatlantic integration. By Joseph P. Qu... Read More...

External Article
It Will Help the U.S. to Have a Strong European Partner
The Coordinator for German-American Cooperation argues that despite differences of opinion on some issues, the United States and Europe need each other to meet the new challenges of the 21st century. ... Read More...

External Article
Like the Wehrmacht, we've descended into barbarity
Argues that the treatment of Iraqi prisoners is a consequence of coalition policy. By Richard Overy. (Guardian, 5/10/2004. Read More...

External Article
Partnership, Under Construction
In the first public criticism by the Bush administration of Russia, Secretary of State Powell diplomatically criticizes a resurgence of authoritarianism under Putin, including the weakening of the leg... Read More...

External Article
Renewing the Atlantic Partnership
Authors argues that in order to revitalize the Atlantic alliance, Europe and America must forge new "rules of the road" governing the use of force, adapt NATO to meet today's threats coming from outsi... Read More...

PDF document
Mutual Incomprehension:U.S.-German Value Gaps beyond Iraq.
Scholar argues that the recent tension between the Unted States and Germany demonstrates that U.S.-German relations are characterized by a mutual incomprehension of each other’s political culture an... Read More...

PDF document
Demon in the Cellar
Anatol Lieven contends that America's "Jacksonian" nationalism is responsible for turning the US from a conservative power to a revolutionary one. (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 3/1/200... Read More...

PDF document
A Strategy of Partnerships
Pundits claim that U.S. foreign policy is too focused on unilateral preemption. But George W. Bush's vision -- enshrined in his 2002 National Security Strategy -- is far broader and deeper than that. ... Read More...

External Article
Torture At Abu Ghraib
American soldiers brutalized Iraqis. How far up does the responsibility go? By Seymour M. Hersh. (New Yorker, 4/30/2004) Read More...

External Article
A Strategy to Strengthen Transatlantic Partnership
Report offers a series of recommendations to foster a more stable and productive global relationship between the US and the European Union (Transatlantic Policy Network, 12/4/2003) Read More...

PDF document
Cracks in the West? Reflections on the Transatlantic Relationship
Study documents the 'cracks' in the transtalantic relationship, identifying their potential causes, and outlining possible policy responses. Explanations are offered based on three leading schools of ... Read More...

External Article
McNamara: Nuclear War Still Possible; NY No. 1 Target
The threat of devastating nuclear attack by Russia against the United States has not diminished, warns former Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara. By Jon E. Dougherty (NewsMax.com, 04/27/2004) Read More...

External Article
PLAN OF ATTACK: Countdown to War
last of five articles adapted from "Plan of Attack," a book by Bob Woodward that is a behind-the-scenes account of how and why President Bush decided to go to war against Iraq. (Washington Post, 4/22... Read More...

External Article
PLAN OF ATTACK : Cabinet Divided
This is the third of five articles adapted from "Plan of Attack," a book by Bob Woodward that is a behind-the-scenes account of how and why President Bush decided to go to war against Iraq. (Washingto... Read More...

External Article
PLAN OF ATTACK : Deciding on War
First of five articles adapted from "Plan of Attack," a book by Bob Woodward that is a behind-the-scenes account of how and why President Bush decided to go to war against Iraq. (Washington Post, 4/... Read More...

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