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Sun. April 21, 2019
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External Article
After Withdrawal, Engagement
The author writes that as the US military begins to withdrawal from Iraq, US government support for rebuilding Iraqi civic institutions must increase. By Andrew Erdman. (New York Times, 12/27/2005) Read More...

External Article
Unwarranted Complaints
The authors write that the National Security Agency’s recently revealed efforts to wiretap Americans suspected of collusion with Al Qaeda is covered by the President’s authority to defend the nation i... Read More...

External Article
Our Domestic Intelligence Crisis
Author writes that the Defense Department is deeply involved in domestic intelligence, with the National Security Agency conducting electronic surveillance of US citizens domestically, outside the fra... Read More...

External Article
Taking Liberties With the Nation's Security
The former mayor of New York City says he supports the Patriot Act’s extension because Americans must use every legal and constitutional tool in their arsenal to fight terrorism and protect their live... Read More...

External Article
A Formula for Disaster
The authors urge the House/Senate conference committee drafting a reauthorization of the Patriot Act to require that in the future such funds be spent according to risk. By Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. ... Read More...

External Article
What Would J.F.K. Have Done?
The authors say the US cannot withstand the prolonged drain of the vaguely defined mission in Iraq. By Theodore C. Sorenson and Arthur Schlesinger Jr. (New York Times, 12/4/2005) Read More...

External Article
Withdrawal Pains
Author claims there could be no greater mistake than drawing down US forces from Iraq now, when there is real hope for success if the US perseveres. By Robert Kagan. (Washington Post, 12/4/2005) Read More...

External Article
Our Dangerous, Growing Divide
The author remarks that a civil-military divide has emerged in the US over the war in Iraq in recent months. By Michael O'Hanlon. (Washington Post, 11/28/2005) Read More...

External Article
A Better Korea Strategy
The author argues that Bush's trip to the APEC Summit did nothing to reinvigorate relations between South Korea and the US. By David C. Kang. (Washington Post, 11/28/2005) Read More...

External Article
A Shot at Justice
The author writes that President Bush's proposed $7.1 billion plan for fighting avian pandemic flu is flawed in its provision for manufacturer liability and victim compensation. By Dirk Olin. (New Yor... Read More...

PDF document
Report from Washington DC: John McCain Address at American Enterprise Institute
Report on Sen. John McCain's address about Iraq, given at the American Enterprise Institute. By Jens Laurson. (IA-Forum, 11/9/2005) Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Leon Hadar
IA Forum speaks with Dr. Leon Hadar, author of Sandstorm, about U.S. involvement in the Middle East. (IA-Forum, 10/13/2005 ) Read More...

External Article
Nobody Loves a Torturer
Ask any American soldier in Iraq when the general population really turned against the United States and he will say, "Abu Ghraib." By Fareed Zakaria. (Newsweek, 11/14/2005) Read More...

PDF document
The Islamic Republic and Rhetorical Contests with the United States
The author discusses the war of words between the United States and Iran and its consequences. By Karin Esposito. (IA-Forum, 11/3/2005) Read More...

External Article
Is There a Doctrine in the House?
The US currently lacks a coherent foreign policy doctrine to deal with the multitude of global problems it faces. By Richard N. Haas. (New York Times, 11/8/2005) Read More...

External Article
No More Blank-Check Wars
The two authors argue that the US should only wage wars declared by Congress, as the Constitution stipulates. By Leslie H. Gelb and Anne-Marie Slaughter. (Washington Post, 11/8/2005) Read More...

External Article
What Are We Holding Together?
The US should give up on trying to make a united nation out of Iraq and allow it to be divided by sect. By Peter Galbraith. (Washington Post, 11/7/2005) Read More...

External Article
To Fight the Flu, Change How Government Works
Bush's plans to fight bird flu are commendable, but the authors say they won't work because of the current bureaucratic structure of the government. By Newt Gingrich and Robert Egge. (New York Times, ... Read More...

External Article
The Republican Rift
Jeffrey Goldberg writes about Brent Scowcroft, the national-security adviser under President George H. W. Bush—and the former President’s best friend—who has been at odds with the current Administrati... Read More...

PDF document
“Waiting for Godot” Culture and Conflict in Iraq
Student paper that examines intercultural dynamics in the Iraq conflict. By Nate Haken. (7/15/2005) Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: Minister Boguslaw Winid
IA Forum discusses issues facing Poland and Polish-American relations with Minister Boguslaw Winid of the Polish Embassy to the United States. By Michal Kwiatkowski. (IA-Forum, 10/1/2005) Read More...

External Article
Editorial: US must alter its approach to Taiwan
The writer urges the US to take a more concrete approach to Taiwan's repeated failure to pass the special arms procurement bill. (Taipei Times, 9/30/05) Read More...

External Article
Lack of arms budget in Taiwan raises ire in US
US lawmakers are considering withdrawing their support for Taiwan, if their Legislative Yuan continues to delay the passing of their military budget. (Taipei Times, 9/29/05) Read More...

External Article
US admiral urges Taiwan to arm
The new commander of US forces in Asia and the Pacific, Admiral William Fallon, has urged the Taiwanese forces to acquire more strictly defensive weapons. (Richard Halloran, 09/25/05) Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: Dr. James J. Pryzstup
IA-Forum speaks with Dr. James J. Przystup, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of National Strategic Studies at the National Defense about Korea. By Steve Kochheiser. (IA-Forum, 7/22/2005) Read More...

External Article
A Can't-Do Government
Author writes that a lack of preparation for a forecasted disaster in New Orleans has produced the dire situation today in Louisiana and Mississippi. By Paul Krugman. (New York Times, 9/2/2005) Read More...

External Article
An Economy Raised on Pork Barrel
The political and economic environment, combined with low wage increases, longer working hours, the necessity of wives working, and peoples' concerns about keeping their jobs is creating political res... Read More...

External Article
U.S.-China ties face high hurdles
In the face of the planned meeting between George W. Bush and the People's Republic of China's State Chairman, Hu Jintao, the writer outlines the complex relationship between the U.S., China, and Taiw... Read More...

External Article
But Seriously . . .
Nearly seven years after Chavez came to power, the US government is still at a loss as to how to deal with him. By Michael Shifter. (Washington Post, 8/28/2005) Read More...

External Article
Rallying the Troops and Avoiding Reality
The author compares President Bush's statements on Iraq with the factual news reporting on the war and finds them irreconcilable. By Colbert I. King. (Washington Post, 8/27/2005) Read More...

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