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Sun. April 21, 2019
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External Article
Opt Back In To the International System Part II: International Law and Treaties
This article describes American’s “legal isolationism” and recommends changes in course for the Obama administration. By Sarah E. Mendelson. (Center for Strategic and International Studies, October 2... Read More...

External Article
Protecting Labor Rights Through Trade Agreements: An Analytical Guide
A discussion of labor regulations in trade agreements and policy implications of enforcement. Short summary available at link. Full article in PDF form. By Sandra Polaski. (Carnegie Endowment for I... Read More...

External Article
Law and the Lone Superpower
This article explains the nature of the US European divide over international law and how it should be resolved. Abstract at link, full article in PDF form. By William H. Taft IV Frances G. Burwell... Read More...

External Article
Spain Opens 'Universal Justice' Can of Worms 2007
This article summarizes the 2009 Spanish attempted prosecution of Bush officials to argue that universal justice doctrine must not be used in national courts and the ICC and IJC should be strengthene... Read More...

External Article
Spain Rejects 'Bush Six' Torture Trial
Spanish judge uses Universal Justice Doctrine to challenge Bush 6 involved in detainee torture. Article speculates about Obama’s couse of action and what implications this might have on US- Spanish a... Read More...

External Article
Torture a Looming Crisis in Transatlantic Relations
Article explains that failure to prosecute war crimes could result in a tension in transatlantic relations. By Bernard Finel. (Atlantic Council, 4/22/2009) Read More...

External Article
Beyond Closing Guantanamo: Rebuilding a Transatlantic Partnership in International Law
Describes steps the US should take to strengthen international law and reaffirm our commitment to it. Full article is available in pdf format. Abstract is available at the link. Project Director & ... Read More...

External Article
The Iranian Nuclear Program, Russia, and International Law
In order to further his claims regarding Russian involvement and Security Council supervision of the Iranian nuclear project, Welsh provides a background into international law regarding nuclear devel... Read More...

External Article
Preemptive War and International Law
In this 2003 article Welsh addresses the legality of preemptive war under international law by analyzing key phrases of the UN charter and comparing them with traditional Christian war theory. In the... Read More...

External Article
The Power of Justice: Applying International Human Rights Standards to American Domestic Practices
Schulz’s offers an unusual view of American resistance to the penetration of international law into American jurisprudence and argues that amelioration of this fear would provide a needed boost to dom... Read More...

External Article
Re-Engage on International Treaties Important to the International Community
This brief opinion piece argues that the US should quickly ratify several broadly supported international treaties so as to reaffirm her commitment to international cooperation and rule of law. (Cent... Read More...

External Article
Why We Said No
In this article the former president of Peperdine University defends the US’s decision not to join the ICC. He describes his view of the organization and explains why he thinks it takes Internationa... Read More...

External Article
Americans Deserve American Laws
In this brief article Feulner examines the extent to which Sotomayor has expressed her views on the relevance of international law when examining the Constitution. He advocates criticism of her openn... Read More...

External Article
Deputy AG Nominee Should be Questioned on Importing International Law
This article criticizes the nomination of David Ogden to the position of Deputy Attorney General because of the case brief Ogden submitted in Roper v. Simmons that recommended the use of international... Read More...

External Article
Looking for Law in All the Wrong Places
This article identifies a growing trend in “transnationalist jurisprudence." Its author argues that this practice not only undermines American sovereignty, but also is being used by justices and judg... Read More...

External Article
The Use and Abuse of U.S. Constitutional Law as a Model for Others
Presser examines the relationship between American and International Law and uses the conflict in the Balkans as a backdrop to which he argues that the idea of ‘the living constitution’ (or a realist ... Read More...

External Article
Illegal? Yes. Lawless? Not So Fast: The United States, International Law, & the War in Iraq
This article claims that although the Iraq War was waged without international legal approval, it maintains the principles of international law. By Jacques deLisle. (Foreign Policy Reseach Institute, ... Read More...

External Article
Obama’s Prosecutions by Proxy
Bolton describes Spanish prosecution of American Lawyers on human rights charges and urges Obama to “pronounce unequivocally that Spain should take whatever steps are necessary to stop Judge Garzón”. ... Read More...

External Article
Restoring America's Standing
Heller’s thesis in this short piece states that the only way for the Obama administration to counteract the effect the Bush Administration had on America’s global standing is challenge the internation... Read More...

External Article
Europe Must Help Obama Close Guantanamo
Authors argue for a closing of Guantanamo Bay through a transatlantic solution. By Mark Rhinard and Erik Brattberg. Swedish Institute of International Affairs. (Washington Post, 08/03/2009) Read More...

External Article
Sink the Law of the Sea Treaty
In this article, Doug Bandow insists that the US refrain from ratifying the Law of the Sea treaty and, in doing so, provides a summery of what he believes are the Treaty’s weakest points. (Cato Insit... Read More...

External Article
The Next Cold War?
This article expresses its author’s view of the March naval spat between China and the USA and US ratification of the Law of the Sea. By Erik. (Pacific Freeze, 3/25/2009) Read More...

External Article
Colombia-US Base Deal Rankles
Colombian plans to lease three military bases to the US marks a change in Andean counternarcotics operations and reignites regional drug-war tensions. By: Eliot Brockner (International Relations and S... Read More...

External Article
Barack Obama’s World
The president's ambitions match the global hopes he raises. But he lacks resources to fulfil either. By Godfrey Hodgson (Open Democracy, 07/16/2009) Read More...

External Article
Russia and the Perils of Personal Diplomacy
Four experts on Russia assess the importance of Barack Obama and Dmitri Medvedev developing a personal bond and discuss the historical ties between the leaders of the United States and Russia. (The Ne... Read More...

PDF document
The Microeconomic Foundations of Macroeconomic Disorder
Author presents Austrian Prespective on the Great Recession of 2008. By Steven Horwitz (George Mason University, June 2009) Read More...

PDF document
The Scouting Report: Clean Energy Innovation
Adele Morris, Deputy Director for Climate and Energy Economics at Brookings Institution, speaks about America's recent pledge to climate change, prospects for Copenhaven, and working with countries su... Read More...

External Article
In Search of the Exit
As attention turns to how to unwind emergency measures, much depends on how the American and Euro zone recoveries develop. By Ralph Atkins and Krishna Guha (Financial Times, 06/28/2009) Read More...

External Article
How to Keep America Safe from Mexico's Drug Wars
Dr. Carafano discusses how violence from Mexico's Drug War is spilling over onto this side of the border. By James Jay Carafano. ( Heritage Foundation, 3/30/09) Read More...

External Article
The Merida Initiative and Central America
A recent panel discussion hosted by the Brookings Institute explores the effectiveness of the Merida Initiative and its allocated resources for Central America. (The Brookings Institute, 5/26/09) Read More...

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