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Sun. April 21, 2019
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External Article
BBC In Depth: U.S. Elections
BBC News Online charts one of the most extraordinary battles for the White House in US election history and analyses the direction of George W Bush's administration. (1/6/2001) Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: U.S.-China Tension
News and analysis on U.S.-China relations, particularly as a result from spy plane downing. (1/6/2003) Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: The Clinton Years
BBC News Online looks back at the milestones of Bill Clinton's extraordinary eight-year presidency. (1/1/2001) Read More...

External Article
U.S. Security and Military Cooperation with the Countries of the South Caucasus
(Belfer Center, 5/13/2003)

External Article
The Limits of Eloquence
The Washington Post Columnist Michael Kinsley looks at the cleavage between Bush's Words, Actions and the interest of the US. (Washington Post, 11/14/2003) Read More...

External Article
The State of the Union
George W. Bush's 2003 address to Congress on State of the Union. (01/28/2003) Read More...

External Article
President Bush Addresses the Nation
(03/19/2003)

External Article
President Addresses the Nation
Address of the President to the Nation (09/07/2003)

External Article
President Bush Addresses United Nations General Assembly
(09/23/2003)

External Article
Planning Policy in Today’s World
Remarks at the Kennan Institute 2003 Annual Dinner, Washington, DC. (5/22/2003) Read More...

External Article
The United States and India: A Transformed Relationship
Richard N. Haass, Director, Policy Planning Staff Remarks to Confederation of Indian Industry Hyderabad, India (07/01/2003) Read More...

External Article
Foreign Policy Post-September 11: Learning the Right Lessons
Donald K. Steinberg, Deputy Director, Policy Planning Staff. Remarks to Town Hall Meeting Dixie State College, St. George, Utah (27/02/2003) Read More...

External Article
Revitalizing National Defense
Shortly after his inauguration, President Bush called for a review of all U.S. military capabilities setting the goal of how best to achieve the necessary transformation to meet the new challenges of ... Read More...

External Article
National Security Strategy
The National Security Strategy of the United States of America (09/17/2002) Read More...

External Article
U.N. Still Battered by U.S. Action On Iraq
by Barbara Crossette . (The Atlantic online, 7/01/2003)

External Article
Carving Up The New Iraq (1)
A Dissection and Who's who of the American involvement in Iraq. (Part I) By Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald (04/13/2003) Read More...

External Article
Carving Up The New Iraq (2)
A Dissection and Who's who of the American involvement in Iraq. (Part II) By Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald (04/13/2003) Read More...

External Article
The Vital Role of Alliances in the Global War on Terrorism
"Some have criticized U.S. military action as unilateral, but it is rather an exhibition of forceful leadership from a country that is not only the primary target of the terrorism, but also the most p... Read More...

External Article
Waging War on Terrorism
"The United States has made significant progress in destroying and disrupting key parts of the international terrorist network. But Al’Qaida and other related terrorist groups today remain intent on c... Read More...

External Article
Preventing a Crisis in U.S.-Russian Relations Over Moscow's Nuclear Technology Exports
(Heritage Foundation, 3/3/2003)

External Article
Prospects for U.S.-Russian Nonproliferation Cooperation Under Bush and Putin
(Belfer Center, 1/1/2003)

External Article
Bring Halliburton Home
Legally speaking, Iraq is not America's to sell. Naomi Klein reports. (The Nation, 11/06/2003) Read More...

External Article
Greatest danger, or greatest hope?
Yes, America is different. But it always has been. Mostly, the difference is good for the world, not bad... (Economist, 11/6/2003) Read More...

External Article
A new course needed in Iraq
Proposes a success strategy for American involvement in Iraq. By Wesley Clark. (Boston Globe, 11/6/2003) Read More...

External Article
America is a religion
US leaders now see themselves as priests of a divine mission to rid the world of its demons. (Guardian, 7/29/2003) Read More...

External Article
Getting Back on Track in Postwar Iraq
Joseph I. Lieberman presents a blueprint to fix post-Iraq war policy. (Washington Post, 7/7/2003) Read More...

External Article
How to secure peace in Liberia
The United States must lead urgent international action to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe spreading across West Africa, argue leading experts from the International Crisis Group. (Guardian, 6/29/... Read More...

External Article
Why Iraq is Worth It
Claims that "President Bush is right to stay the course. But to succeed, he must actively engage his opponents - and skeptics - about the continuing U.S. role in post-Saddam Iraq." By Peter Brookes. ... Read More...

External Article
How the U.S. Should Respond  to a Shift in French Policy on Iraq
(Heritage Foundation, 1/14/2003)

External Article
The French Exception
"Today, a complex mix of political, economic, and cultural reasons explains the French resistance to "Anglo-Saxon global capitalism." If sustained, France's stand could become a model for other countr... Read More...

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