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External Article
Direct Democracy
Aberdeen doesn’t’ need London to collect its trash, Milwaukee doesn’t need Washington to run its schools. If that government is best which governs least, then surely that unit of government which has... Read More...

External Article
After The Bush Doctrine: National Security Strategy For A New Administration
Eleven of the nation's most prominent intellectuals debate about America's future role in the world at Miller Center of Public Affairs conference. Contains videos and transcripts. (06/07/2007) Read More...

External Article
Ten Big Ideas for a New America
Collection of ideas presented by New America Foundation as fuel bipartisan debate about how to update U.S. national policies for the common good. (New America Foundation, 02/02/2007) Read More...

External Article
A Bush-Putin Discussion on the Radar
Examines Putin's proposed joint Russian-American ballistic missile defense system. By Richard Weitz. (Hudson Institute, 6/20/2007) Read More...

External Article
Rendition and the Rights of the Individual
Paul Reynolds examines the United States rendition program. He notes how it reflects the US attitude that suspected terrorists should not be subject to individual rights protections, and how the war o... Read More...

External Article
Dangerous Illusions: Peace-Processing Our Way to Disaster
The author describes the growing threat of Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East, particularly regarding the continued hostility of Hamas, the increased radicalization of Fatah, and dangerous Iran... Read More...

External Article
Middle Eastern Investment in the United States: Avoiding Another Dubai Ports World
The authors describe the recent fiasco of the attempted Dubai Ports Deal last year and the broader process of foreign investment in the US, highlighting the significant need for reform in this area. ... Read More...

External Article
How to Cool the World
A new report on the state of the planet offers some grounds for optimism (The Economist, 5/10/07) Read More...

External Article
New Era of Discord for Russia and West
Paul Reynolds makes the case that the dispute between Russia and the US over the US missile defence system in Europe and the Russian targeting of missiles on Europe is only one facet of the larger tre... Read More...

PDF document
The ‘War on Terror’: Do the Rules Need Changing?
The author discusses the legal status of the "war on terror", and whether the law of armed conflict or law of human rights applies to it. He notes that it seems as though there has been a change in th... Read More...

External Article
Dialogue Radio: #676 The Voice of Law
Interview with Jed Rubenfeld, who discusses the difference between American and European views of the purpose and future of international organizations and international law. He bases his argument on... Read More...

External Article
The Dems’ Dirty Game in the Middle East
The author outlines the Democratic Party strategy of delegitimizing the Bush administration and argues that it has dangerous implications in the Middle East, specifically advocating withdrawal from Ir... Read More...

External Article
Dialogue Radio: #698 Globalization: The Goal that Failed
Interview with John Ralston Saul. He describes what he sees as the overemphasis of self-interest in policy and politics. He explains how this has led to a climate of managerial policies instead of lea... Read More...

External Article
Bush’s Opportunity to Mend Relations
The author argues that in order to curb the growing influence of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and reestablish its position in Latin America, the US needs to pursue an extensive social agenda in ad... Read More...

External Article
Iraq: the hidden cost of the war
Andrew Stephen in The New Statesman writes that 'America won't simply be paying with its dead. The Pentagon is trying to silence economists who predict that several decades of care for the wounded wil... Read More...

PDF document
Iraqization - Not Democratization
Analysis of the Iraq conflict and call to reinspect democratization policy efforts. By Alan Hootnick. (2/5/2007) Read More...

External Article
Off Course: Current U.S.-Latin American Relations
The U.S. should redefine its interests in Latin America beyond trade and security interests. Distractions in Iraq, limited success of trade agreements, and outdated ideology threaten to further damag... Read More...

External Article
Why the World Isn't Flat
The extent of Globalization has been exaggerated and the current level of globalization could decrease. Shaping policy around the assumption of increasing globalization can be dangerous for many coun... Read More...

IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer
IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer
IA-Forum speaks with Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer about current issues in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. (IA-Forum, 2/22/2007) Read More...

External Article
Europeans' chill deepens on US policy
The author confronts a growing problem for America's European allies: reconciling domestic opinion with unpopular foreign policy. By Robert Marquand (Christian Science Monitor, 2/23/2007). Read More...

PDF document
The Changing Challenges of U.S. Defense Spending
The article projects present and future challenges concerning U.S. military spending over the next ten years. These challenges represent a growing debt burden on U.S. national economy. It reviews the... Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: Assist. Prof. Colin Kahl
IA-Forum speaks with Assist. Prof. Colin Kahl about how the US is fighting the war in Iraq and improvements in the way it fights. By Stefan Daniels. (IA-Forum, 12/5/2006) Read More...

External Article
Resist Congress Encroaching on Economic Freedom
Under the new House Leadership, pro-growth and free-trade policies may be a thing of the past. But such economic populism – espoused by either party – should be nipped in the bud. By George A. Pieler ... Read More...

PDF document
Russia's Wrong Direction: What the United States Can and Should Do
The report investigates the importance of Russian support for key U.S. strategic initiatives including combating terrorism and a nuclear Iran. The report includes recommendations on certain key issues... Read More...

External Article
The Chance to Get It Right
The author explains why it is insufficient for immigration reform to solely focus on border security. Rather, it is necessary to also address the demand for immigrant labor, unauthorized immigrants a... Read More...

PDF document
Plans for a Post-‘Surge’ Iraq
Detailing a gradual disengagement plan for Iraq, post troop surge. By Steven N. Simon (Council on Foreign Relations, 02/09/2007) Read More...

External Article
Nine Essential Points for Talking About the War on Terrorism
The authors give several policy recommendations that aim to more effectively and efficiently fight the war on terrorism. By James A. Phillips and James Jay Carafano. (Heritage Foundation, 1/31/2007) Read More...

External Article
State of the Union 2007: Recognizing the Threat of Strategic Oil Dependency
The author describes and explains the problems associated with the American reliance on foreign oil. Additionally, the author suggests what policies Congress should pursue in order to ease this dilem... Read More...

PDF document
Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative
Author analyzes the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative including the issues and merits surrounding it. By Stephanie Brophy. (IA-Forum, 1/23/2007) Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: Richard Weitz
IA-Forum discusses security issues with Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow and Director of Program Management at the Hudson Institute, and author of 'Revitalising US-Russian Security Cooperation: Practical ... Read More...

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