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Europeans' chill deepens on US policy
The author confronts a growing problem for America's European allies: reconciling domestic opinion with unpopular foreign policy. By Robert Marquand (Christian Science Monitor, 2/23/2007). Read More...

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The Changing Challenges of U.S. Defense Spending
The article projects present and future challenges concerning U.S. military spending over the next ten years. These challenges represent a growing debt burden on U.S. national economy. It reviews the... Read More...

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IA-Forum Interview: Assist. Prof. Colin Kahl
IA-Forum speaks with Assist. Prof. Colin Kahl about how the US is fighting the war in Iraq and improvements in the way it fights. By Stefan Daniels. (IA-Forum, 12/5/2006) Read More...

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Resist Congress Encroaching on Economic Freedom
Under the new House Leadership, pro-growth and free-trade policies may be a thing of the past. But such economic populism – espoused by either party – should be nipped in the bud. By George A. Pieler ... Read More...

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Russia's Wrong Direction: What the United States Can and Should Do
The report investigates the importance of Russian support for key U.S. strategic initiatives including combating terrorism and a nuclear Iran. The report includes recommendations on certain key issues... Read More...

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The Chance to Get It Right
The author explains why it is insufficient for immigration reform to solely focus on border security. Rather, it is necessary to also address the demand for immigrant labor, unauthorized immigrants a... Read More...

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Plans for a Post-‘Surge’ Iraq
Detailing a gradual disengagement plan for Iraq, post troop surge. By Steven N. Simon (Council on Foreign Relations, 02/09/2007) Read More...

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Nine Essential Points for Talking About the War on Terrorism
The authors give several policy recommendations that aim to more effectively and efficiently fight the war on terrorism. By James A. Phillips and James Jay Carafano. (Heritage Foundation, 1/31/2007) Read More...

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State of the Union 2007: Recognizing the Threat of Strategic Oil Dependency
The author describes and explains the problems associated with the American reliance on foreign oil. Additionally, the author suggests what policies Congress should pursue in order to ease this dilem... Read More...

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Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative
Author analyzes the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative including the issues and merits surrounding it. By Stephanie Brophy. (IA-Forum, 1/23/2007) Read More...

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IA-Forum Interview: Richard Weitz
IA-Forum discusses security issues with Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow and Director of Program Management at the Hudson Institute, and author of 'Revitalising US-Russian Security Cooperation: Practical ... Read More...

Operation “Freedom From Iraq”
Operation “Freedom From Iraq”
Even the most idealistic of Iraq’s partisans can’t weigh the mountain of dead against the nation’s “messy freedom” and find solace. The President concedes that regional terror is up, Iran and Syria e... Read More...

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A World Free of Nuclear Weapons
This distinguished group of authors argues that the process of denuclearization must first start with current nuclear states destroying their stockpiles. Only such measures can prevent the mutually a... Read More...

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A Border Security Strategy for Bush and Calderón: Improve Cooperation Between the U.S. and Mexico
To reduce the problem of illegal immigration across the US-Mexico border, the two countries should move beyond the Secure Fence Act and move towards a strategy of cooperation. By Stephen Johnson (Heri... Read More...

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Bush Might Want Another Go at “Democratizing” Iraq
Author critiques possible US troop increases. By Claude Salhani. (IA-Forum, 12/22/2006) Read More...

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Democratic Realism: An American Foreign Policy for a Unipolar World
Charles Krauthammer's 2004 Irving Kristol Lecture at AEI that makes the case for the United States to use its position of international pre-eminence to pursue a foreign policy of "democratic realism" ... Read More...

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International Affairs Forum Interview: Robert Kagan
International Affairs Forum speaks with Dr. Robert Kagan about his new book, Dangerous Nation, that examines perceptions of American history and policy. (11/28/2006, IA-Forum) Read More...

External Article
Endangered Advisers
Author says the Iraq Study Group’s advice to increase the number of advisers while decreasing the number of combatants will lead to disaster. By Andrew Exum. (New York Times, 12/10/2006) Read More...

External Article
Close the Bases
To stop the slide to civil war in Iraq, international mediators must negotiate directly with the Sunni insurgency that has been seeking talks with the US for three years; offer amnesty; roll back de-B... Read More...

External Article
Don’t Get Sectarian
Albright says the Bush administration should make clear to Muslims in the Middle East that America will not take sides in the Sunni-Shiite split. By Madeleine Albright. (New York Times, 12/10/2006) Read More...

External Article
Democracy Defeated
Missing from the Iraq Study Group’s report is serious reflection on the president’s goal of democratic development in the despotic Arab world. In addition, Perle adds that the conclusion that Syria an... Read More...

External Article
Have Faith in Maliki
Stewart says progress can only come to Iraq if the US provides almost unconditional economic and political support to the elected president and allows him to rebuild his state without interference or ... Read More...

External Article
After Neo-conservatism
Francis Fukuyama discusses the failure of neo-conservatism in American foreign policy and his own rejection of neo-conservative thought. (New York Times, 02/19/2006) Read More...

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Intenational Affairs Forum Interview: Peter Beinart and Scott McConnell
Peter Beinart, editor-at-large of the New Republic and Scott McConnell, current editor of The American Conservative, discuss questions about the UN and US foreign policy. By Jason Miks. (IA-Forum, 1... Read More...

External Article
Fidel's Final Victory
The U.S. must recognize the political reality in Cuba and stop insisting on regime change. Otherwise, it will miss another opportunity to improve relations in the post-Fidel period that is already un... Read More...

External Article
This Is Realism?
Why the “new” ideas concerning the Iraq War do not represent Realism or a viable solution to the conflict. By Charles Krauthammer (Washington Post, 12/01/2006) Read More...

External Article
Cowboy Nation: Against the Myth of American Innocence
The author dwells on America's expansionist past while looking to the future of Washington's foreign policy. By Robert Kagan (The New Republic, 10/16/2006) Read More...

External Article
After the victory
Article looks at what sort of policies the new Democratic Congress will enact. Focus is on the appointment of senior and veteran democrats. (The Economist, 11/09/06) Read More...

External Article
Deterring Kim Jong Il
The former assistant secretary of defense criticizes President Bush's North Korea policy. By Graham Allison. (Washington Post, 10/27/2006) Read More...

External Article
Can You Tell a Sunni From a Shiite?
The author writes that many lawmakers and senior intelligence and law enforcement officials overseeing the War on Terror do not know the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims, the primary religiou... Read More...

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