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Thu. February 21, 2019
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External Article
A Personal Lock Box for Risk-Free Bonds
Discusses a newly introduced social security bill which will allow Americans to own risk free treasury bonds. By Alex J. Pollock. (AEI 7/22/05) Read More...

External Article
Attitudes about Abortion
Discusses the court case of Roe v. Wade, and how it is used as a benchmark for opinions. By Karlyn H. Bowman. (AEI 7/22/05) Read More...

External Article
New CEA Chairman Discusses Security in a Globalized Economy
Discusses what the CEA must to do to promote further economic growth inspite of opposing factors, such as growing oil prices. By AEI Newsletter. (AEI 7/21/05) Read More...

External Article
Constitutional Supremacy and the Supreme Court's Latest Term
Discusse various Supreme Court decisions over the last Supreme Court term. The article further analyzes the possibility of Judge Robert's effectiveness as a Supreme Court Justice. By AEI Newsletter. (... Read More...

External Article
Homeland-Security Pork
Discusses the cost of security in different states.By Veronique de Rugy. (AEI 8/01/05) Read More...

External Article
Behind the Curve in Culture-Centric Skills
Discusses the Navy's skills in understanding foreign languages. By Chris Davis. (AEI 7/26/05) Read More...

External Article
Can the Fed Achieve a Goldilocks Tightening?
Discusses various economic problems within the US including: oil prices, housing costs, and inflation rates. By John H. Makin. (AEI 7/25/05) Read More...

External Article
Closer Ties with China
Discusses the US- China relationship. By Chris Davis. (AEI 7/25/05) Read More...

External Article
The Sinkhole Grows
Discusses the GOP's growing interest in education. By Veronique de Rugy, Kathryn Newmark. (AEI 7/25/05) Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: Mr. Paul Hughes
International Affairs Forum speaks about Iraq border issues with Mr. Paul Hughes, the Iraq program officer in the Peace and Stability Operations Program for the US Institute for Peace. Mr. Hughes is ... Read More...

External Article
The Democrats and Defense
Discusses the Democratic party's views on various Bush administration policies, including the war in Iraq, the war on terrorism, and international influence. By Thomas Donnelly. (AEI 7/28/05) Read More...

External Article
Labor's New Lease on Life
Discusses the Service Employees International Union's, or SEI's, decision to disassociate itself from the AFL-CIO . By Bryan O'Keefe. (AEI 7/27/05) Read More...

External Article
In London's Wake, Public Fears Attacks on Mass Transit
Discusses the publics views on Airport security and overall terror prevention tactics enacted by the US. By Karlyn H. Bowman. (AEI 7/27/05) Read More...

External Article
Coalition of Evil
Discusses terrorist organizations and methods of prevention. By Michael A. Ledeen. (AEI 7/27/05) Read More...

External Article
New CEA Chairman Discusses Security in a Globalized Economy
Discusses the Council of Economic Advisers's president's views on gaining economic stability during an everchanging economy. AEI Newsletter (AEI 7/21/05) Read More...

External Article
The Economic Stagnation of the Black Middle Class (Relative to Whites)
Discusses reasons why the Black Middle Class has not grown much in perspective to white middle class growth, economically speaking. By Douglas J. Besharov. (AEI 7/15/05) Read More...

External Article
The Political Economy of World Mass Migration: Comparing Two Global Centuries
Discusses how immigrants coming to the US have affected the economy. Press Advisory. (AEI 7/15/05) Read More...

External Article
The Flow Approach to Labor Markets
Discusses vocational statistics provided by the Bureau of the Census. By Steven J. Davis, R. Jason Faberman, John Haltiwanger. (AEI 7/14/05) Read More...

External Article
The End of Poverty
Discusses Jeffrey Sachs's ideas to eliminate poverty from the world through economic reforms. By Roger Bate. (AEI 7/11/05) Read More...

External Article
The Future of Bush Administration Strategy
Discusses Bush's second term and various foreign policies Bush will enact for the war against terrorism. By Anatol Lieven. (Carnegie Endowment 1/12/05) Read More...

External Article
Reform in Ukraine must be swift and sweeping
Discusses the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, and what will happen with the new Ukrainian President Yushchenko in power. By Anders Aslund, Kalman Mizsei. (Carnegie Endowment 1/12/05) Read More...

External Article
The Modern Limits of Democracy
Discusses the pros and cons of Democracy and how that effects various nations with newly formed democracies. By Anatol Lieven. (Carnegie Endowment 1/11/05) Read More...

External Article
Not One Claim Was True
Discusses the second Bush term, the war in Iraq, and the war against terrorism. By Joseph Cirincione. (Carnegie Endowment 1/10/05) Read More...

External Article
Analyzes the book "America Right or Wrong: An Anatomy of American Nationalism". By Anatol Lieven. (Carnegie Endowment 1/02/05) Read More...

External Article
A Higher Realism
Discusses the Bush administration's mission in the Middle East, and decision to stay away from Russia and China's nondemocratic practices. By Robert Kagan. (Carnegie Endowment 1/23/05) Read More...

External Article
A Nightmare, But Will It Happen?
Discusses America's future with the Bush administration for another 4 years. By Anatol Lieven. (Carnegie Endowment 1/17/05) Read More...

External Article
Who's Afraid of China Inc.?
This article outlines the politics behind the recent bid by the Chinese controlled company Cnooc to purchase the American oil company, Unocal. The author explores weather trading partner for the Unit... Read More...

External Article
Bush’s Choice: Messianism or Pragmatism?
Discusses the Bush administration's mission to spread democracy to foreign nations. By Anatol Lieven. (Carnegie Endowment 2/22/05) Read More...

External Article
Dealing With Putin
Discusses what the Bush administration must do to stop nuclear proliferation, arms reduction, etc. with Russia. By Michael A. McFaul, James Goldgeier. (Carnegie Endowment 2/18/05) Read More...

External Article
Finding Russia's True Friends and Foes
Discusses US relations with Russia. By Michael A. McFaul. (Carnegie Endowment 2/18/05) Read More...

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