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Wed. January 16, 2019
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External Article
The Israelization of Turkey
Tulin Daloglu describes the bombings' psychological impact on the Turkish people. (The Globalist 11/25/2003) Read More...

External Article
Adjusting to Sanctions
Economic bans and political invective against Iran have not worked. America, not the Islamic Republic, has become isolated. The United States should abandon containment for a strategy of critical dial... Read More...

External Article
Against Russophobia
(World Policy Journal, 12/1/2000)

External Article
Back to the Bazaar
The bargain struck with Egypt and Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War seemed successful for a decade, but now the United States is facing the consequences: Washington backed Cairo's and Riyadh's authorita... Read More...

PDF document
Be Careful What You Wish For: The Future of U.S.-Saudi Relations
(World Policy Journal, 3/1/2002)

External Article
Being Hafiz al-Assad: Syria's Chilly but Consistent Peace Strategy
Unleashing Hezbollah, stalling talks, and having the state-run media spew anti-Israel vitriol hardly seem pacific, but Syria's dictator has a consistent if chilly peace strategy. By Henry Siegman. (Fo... Read More...

External Article
Civil War by Other Means
The debates over Kosovo blurred the old divisions between liberals and conservatives, but they did not rise above an even older split in American politics and foreign policy: the enduring divide betwe... Read More...

External Article
Creating Modern Oman: An Interview with Sultan Qabus
With increasing rights for women, legal reform, and a flexible interpretation of Islam, Oman is opening up, declares Sultan Qabus bin Said in an interview. By Judith Miller. (Foreign Affairs, 5/1/19... Read More...

External Article
How Does Saddam Hold On?
The West should nudge Iraq's battered elites to replace Saddam with a less megalomaniacal autocrat from inside his regime and outside his immediate family. By Ofra Bengio. (Foreign Affairs, 7/1/2000,... Read More...

External Article
Next Stop Baghdad?
"The United States has no choice left but to invade Iraq itself and eliminate the current regime." By Kenneth M. Pollack. (Foreign Affairs, 3/1/2002, $) Read More...

External Article
The Paradoxes of American Military Power
Explores strange new guidelines about the way the United States fights in Iraq. By Victor Davis Hanson. (National Review, 11/17/2003) Read More...

External Article
Shakedown in the Souk
Discusses potential risks and rewards of a policy reversal in Iraq. By John F. Cullinan. (National Review, 11/17/2003) Read More...

External Article
Lift the Arms Embargo on Bosnia
(Heritage Foundation, 7/18/1995)

External Article
Clinton Fails to Make the Case For American Troops in Bosnia
(Heritage Foundation, 10/23/1995)

External Article
Questioning the Bosnia Peace Plan
(Heritage Foundation, 11/30/1995)

External Article
Rethinking the Bosnia Bargain
(Heritage Foundation, 10/15/1996)

External Article
Dampening The Tinderbox: What The U.S. Should Do About Kosovo
(Heritage Foundation, 6/5/1998)

External Article
Avoiding Another Balkan Quagmire in Kosovo
(Heritage Foundation, 2/12/1999)

External Article
Helping Kosovo Help Itself
(Heritage Foundation, 4/5/1999)

External Article
Ground Troop Scenarios for Yugoslavia: What Would They Take?
(Heritage Foundation, 4/21/1999)

External Article
No Ground War in Kosovo
(Heritage Foundation, 4/22/1999)

External Article
The Kosovo Liberation Army and the Future of Kosovo
(Heritage Foundation, 5/13/1999)

External Article
Catalogue of Confusion: The Clinton Administration's War Aims in Kosovo
(Heritage Foundation, 5/13/1999)

External Article
Lessons from the War in Kosovo
(Heritage Foundation, 7/22/1999)

External Article
Kosovo: The Way Out of the Quagmire
(Heritage Foundation, 2/25/2000)

External Article
Reining in an Irresponsible Kosovo Policy
(Heritage Foundation, 5/15/2000)

External Article
Myth About America's Commitment In Kosovo
(Heritage Foundation, 8/24/2000)

External Article
The Lessons of Milosevic's Fall
(Heritage Foundation, 10/27/2000)

External Article
Milosevic's Arrest: An Opportunity to Reform the U.N. Tribunal
(Heritage Foundation, 4/6/2001)

External Article
Can the EU Hack the Balkans?: A Proving Ground for Brussels
Once again, history is being written in the Balkans. This perennial hotspot is becoming a testing ground for Brussels--and for a new transatlantic relationship. By Morton Abramowitz and Heather Hurlbu... Read More...

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