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Wed. July 08, 2020
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External Article
In Iran’s Streets, Aid for an Ally Stirs Resentment and Anxieties
The debate in Iran over supporting Hezbollah and other Arab causes instead of focusing on more pressing domestic concerns. By Michael Slackman (The New York Times, 23/7/2006). Read More...

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To Disarm Shadowy Guerrilla Army, Israeli Air Power May Not Be Enough
The limited effectiveness of air power and military power in general in Israel's pursuit of security. By Thom Shanker (The New York Times, 20/7/2006). Read More...

External Article
Chechnya's Bin Laden
Rebel, politician, warlord, terrorist ... the death of Shamil Basayev is unlikely to bring peace to his Caucasian homeland. By Steven Lee Myers. (The Age, 07/12/2006) Read More...

External Article
The face of Chechnya's insurgency
In a long and notorious career, Shamil Basayev, the elusive terrorist leader of the most vicious faction of Chechnya' separatists, had been an airplane hijacker, a hostage-taker, a guerrilla commander... Read More...

External Article
In Chechnya, a former warlord on the rise
Speeding through the ruins of Chechnya this spring, Ramzan Kadyrov, the unpredictable warlord turned Chechen prime minister, was asked about the hunt for Shamil Basayev, the separatist and terrorist l... Read More...

External Article
At Crossroads, Hezbollah Goes on the Attack
The calculations behind Hezbollah's recent aggressive actions and how Iran and Syria play into the equation. Choosing militancy over politics. By Neil MacFarquhar and Hassan M. Fattah (The New York Ti... Read More...

External Article
Putin's 'Sovereign Democracy'
Author defines what the Russian government really means when it describes itself as a "Sovereign Democracy." By Masha Lipman. (Washington Post, 7/15/2006) Read More...

External Article
Some Questions Regarding Israel's Objectives
Steven Clemons questions Israel's real motives in attacking Lebanon and says there is more involved than just freeing its POWs. By Steven Clemons. (Blog: The Washington Note, 7/16/2006) Read More...

PDF document
International Affairs Interview: Mr. Ameer Makhoul
IA-Forum speaks with Mr. Ameer Makhoul, General Director of Ittijah, Union of Arab Community-Based Organizations, Israel. By Ana Galvez and James Young. (IA-Forum, 5/9/2006) Read More...

External Article
What Does North Korea Want?
The authors write that North Korea's July 4 missile launch was a symbolic statement intended to invite the US to make a deal with the regime. By Bruce Cumings and Meredith Jung-En Woo. (New York Times... Read More...

External Article
Voices of Iranian Reform, Silenced
The author marks the seventh anniversary of the Iranian student protest that was crushed by the regime. By Fotini Christia. (Washington Post, 7/9/2006) Read More...

External Article
What's Bad for Putin is Best for Russians
On the eve of the G-8 summit meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, the author calls on Western powers to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin for his increasingly antidemocratic rule. By Garry Kasp... Read More...

External Article
Send in the Advisors
The author writes that the US military advisors assigned to every battalion of the new Iraqi army are critical to the success of the US war effort, but criticizes the US for sending too few to do the ... Read More...

External Article
Aggression Under False Pretenses
The head of the Palestinian National Authority maintains that the newly legitimate Palestinian state is a victim of Israel's aggression. By Ismail Haniyeh. (Washington Post, 7/11/2006) Read More...

External Article
In Iraq's Mayhem, Town Finds Calm Through Its Tribal Links
The role of tribal culture in Iraq and how it has quelled conflict in some areas. By Sabrina Tavernise and Qais Mizher (The New York Times, 06/10/06). Read More...

External Article
Can Arabs Be Democrats?
The issue of democracy in the Middle East has outsized importance for the region and for the United States; it will occupy our generation and perhaps the next. (Middle East Forum, 12/9/2005) There ... Read More...

External Article
Oil Privatisation Through the Back Door
This article discusses the issues surrounding the privitization of Iraq's oil industry. By Greg Muttit (Niqash, 6/26/06) Read More...

External Article
Russia and the G8: Better Luck Next Year
Argues that reversing Russia’s recent authoritarian tendencies should be one of the top priorities of the upcoming G8 Summit. By Strobe Talbott (Financial Times, 6/30/06). Read More...

External Article
What Is Needed for Reconciliation in Iraq
The author describes Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s plan to end political violence in Iraq and also suggests other elements that should be included in the reconciliation process. By James Phi... Read More...

PDF document
No Real Shift in U.S. Policy Towards Iran
Authors analyze history of US-Iranian relations and propose change in current US policy towards Iran. By Karin A. Esposito and Mahdi Ahouie. (IA-Forum, 6/21/2006) Read More...

PDF document
International Affairs Forum Interview: Milton Viorst
International Affairs speaks with Mr. Milton Viorst about his new book, Storm from the East: The Struggle Between the Arab World and the Christian West. (IA-Forum, 5/21/2006) Read More...

External Article
Balkan Gains in Peril
The Bush administration has two incompatible goals: disengagement from the Balkans and the obligation to manage the political and security changes facing southeastern Europe in the near future. By Gor... Read More...

External Article
Is Iran studying North Korea’s nuclear moves?
The author discusses the possibility that Iran is using the model of North Korea to design its strategy of nuclear proliferation. By Howard LaFranchi. (Christian Science Monitor, 6/23/2006) Read More...

External Article
National Unity in Iraq- As One Government or Three?
The author suggests that the introduction of a federalist system in Iraq will only lead to increased violence. By Sinan Antoon. (Middle East Report Online, 6/26/2006) Read More...

External Article
Ukraine will revisit gas deal with Russia
Negotiations with Russia over energy policy heat up as a new governing coalition comes together in Ukraine. (by Steven Lee Myers, New York Times, 6/22/2006) Read More...

External Article
Russian arms sales: A rising worry
This article examines the state of the Russian arms industry; the role of ethical export practices, and whether the industry is in decline. By Oliver Bullough (Reuters, 6/21/2006) Read More...

External Article
The Race for Iran
The author writes that by continuing to reject a "grand bargain" with Iran guaranteeing the nation's security and providing diplomatic relations and an end to sanctions in exchange for an end to Iran'... Read More...

External Article
After Zarqawi: The Way Forward in Iraq
The author suggests how the US should proceed in Iraq following the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. By James Jay Carafano. (Heritage Foundation, 6/12/2006) Read More...

External Article
Deterring and Containing Iran: A Near-Inevitable Task
The author explains why the deterrence and containment of Iran is both necessary and unavoidable. By Patrick Clawson. (Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 6/8/2006) Read More...

External Article
The Palestinian National Accord: Consensus at Any Cost
The authors argue that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ call for a national referendum will be ineffective in renewing the peace process and establishing national unity. By Ben Fishman ... Read More...

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